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We’re now ten weeks into the 2012 college football season. Many amazing games have been played. Through all these incredible contests only a handful of collegiate teams possess a unique status that separates them from the rest; they are “The Undefeated”.

Just five schools in the BCS Top 25 can make this claim and the list is shrinking every week. The undefeated teams include Alabama, Kansas State, Oregon, Louisville and Notre Dame.

As the last five weeks of games come to a close some, if not all, of these teams may lose a game or two. But perhaps one or two could finish the entire season without a loss and remain “The Undefeated.”

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FANFARE TRIVIA: The Battle for the Golden Egg, also known as the Egg Bowl, is an American college football rivalry game between which two college teams?
                    (Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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Suntime proudly presents our all-American, all-star college football helmet wall clock!

Designed by our talented graphics team, our unique helmet and field clocks are built in 3D and photorealistically rendered. Painstakingly researched, we have even reproduced the schools' individual end-zone designs and goal posts! Our 3D renders are then carefully combined with a jersey-inspired background, including bold word mark and logo treatments, to create a brilliant and spirited design surpassing anything else on the market!

These 12-inch wall clocks feature a battery-powered quartz-accurate movement. Unlike other, all-plastic wall clocks, you experience superior visibility and durability with our mineral glass crystal. The printed ring on the interior side of the crystal clearly displays the numerals and hour markers, while a school-color-coordinated bezel ring provides the finishing touch. Call 1-800-659-2824 today!

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Big College Games in Week Ten
* Rankings based on the AP Top 25.
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