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Wow, what happened last week? The top two BCS ranked teams lost, which made former #3 Notre Dame jump up the ranks to #1! These events have sent shockwaves throughout the BCS rankings.

Former #1 Kansas State fell after a turkey of loss to unranked Baylor 52-24, which dropped the Wildcats to #6.

Oregon did not drop as far after losing to #13 Stanford 17-14 in overtime. However, the previous #2 Ducks did drop to #5, which severely undermines their chances at a title shot.

Yet, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the shake-up gives some teams much to be thankful for. Just one week ago, Alabama, Georgia or Florida were at the kiddy table watching other programs ready to claim their slice of BCS pie. Many feel this gives Alabama a great chance to “go back for a seconds.”

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FANFARE TRIVIA: What famous American statesman lobbied to make the turkey the national bird instead of the bald eagle?
                    (Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Here at Suntime Fanfare, we would like to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

It's been a long year in college sports with many ups and downs, but the best is yet to come! College football's bowl games are just around the corner, so fans of college football have lots to look forward to.

So when you're eating that second piece of pumpkin pie or that third helping of mashed potatoes, just remember college football will be there to entertain you this holiday weekend. Suntime Fanfare will be here to supply you with the best in college products all season long.

So check out and to see if your favorite college is available in any of our great college products.

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