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Johnny “Football” Manziell is this year’s Heisman Trophy winner. Really, who thought he wouldn’t be with his remarkable season? Manziell generated 4,600 yards of total offense and 43 touchdowns, combined with his landmark upset of Alabama. Such a resume made him the top pick, even though he is only a freshman.

We here at Suntime Fanfare congratulate him on all his success and hope to see a lot more from Johnny in the next college football season.

With a new conference and now a Heisman winner, Texas A&M’s stock is up. Perhaps your A&M stock should be up too! Call your representative today!

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FANFARE TRIVIA: The Heisman Trophy has been awarded 77 times, but to only 76 players; who is the only player to win two Heisman Trophies?
                    (Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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Inspired and graphically rendered in realistic team colors with a 3D image, the Slam Dunk wall clock will really score on any wall.

The Slam Dunk wall clock features a battery-powered quartz-accurate movement. Unlike all-plastic wall clocks, you experience superior visibility and durability with our mineral glass crystal. The printed ring on the interior side of the crystal clearly displays the numerals and hour markers with a school color-coordinated bezel ring as the ultimate finishing touch.

For more information about the Slam Dunk wall clocks or other Suntime and LinksWalker products, call us at 1-800-659-2824 and talk with our sales representatives today!

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The NCAA college basketball season is in its sixth week, and the Indiana Hoosiers are still no. 1 in the AP top 25 rankings with their undefeated 9-0 winning streak.

Indiana isn’t the only undefeated team with a 9-0 record this season. Duke and Michigan are close on their heels waiting or maybe just hoping the Hoosiers might slip-up. Shockingly, there are still 10 undefeated teams in the AP top 25 this late into the 2012 season. In the next few weeks there could be some real shake ups.

With all the excitement that has happened already in this season, the last 7 weeks are surely not going to disappoint. Check out Suntime or to insure you have all the products your customers are sure to want.

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