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On May 25th the Division I Men’s Lacrosse Final Four will begin! The tournament has been amazing this year and Fanfare has been there from the beginning cheering on all the competing teams. With the final games just around the corner, Suntime Fanfare would like to congratulate our partners; the Syracuse Orange and the Duke Blue Devils for making it to the semi-finals.

Remember, when teams get hot in a tournament so does their merchandise. Do you have the inventory to handle a hot market?

Call now and talk to one of our sales representatives today at 1-800-659-2824 to find out how you, too, can be prepared for a title run!

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FANFARE TRIVIA: Lacrosse origins are tied to a tribal game played by all Eastern Woodlands Native Americans. The traditional Native American version of lacrosse is also known as what?
                    (Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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This affordable SunTime watch caters to all who want to sport the 'in' watch. The silver-tone metal alloy case is light-weight, with a stainless steel case back and a sporty, adjustable Velcro strap for the perfect, comfortable fit. The officially licensed, large team logo creates an eye-popping college pride statement, and the easy-to-read hands and numerals make it a cinch to tell when the fun is about to begin!

This watch suits fans from age 5 and older who want to show their exceptional school spirit, and it's exceptionally affordable! Available in over 150 collegiate licenses — Order your stock today in time for all of the tailgating.

Call 1-800-659-2824 and ask our sales representatives how to get these products in your store today.

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Who says divot tools can't do other tricks? This brand new, patented Hat Trick Divot Tool magically opens bottles and cans, holds ball markers and even acts as a golf club holder in addition to being a golf green friendly divot tool! That's why we call it the Hat Trick 5 in 1 Divot Tool.

Customers delight in demonstrating the latest 'must have' golf gadget. Talk about affordable versatility, the matte nickel finish repels nicks and scratches while performing multiple tasks. The Hat Trick Divot Tool is one item that won't be confined to golf bags.

Have questions about how to get the Hat Trick Divot Tool in your store? Talk to our sales representatives to find out more. Call 1-800-659-2824 today!
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