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One and Done

In a perfect world, college recruiters could find an impeccable high school football player, offer them a scholarship and have that athlete make an immediate impact within their program.

Unfortunately for these recruiters, this is rare … but not impossible. There are a lot of players like Thomas Tyner, Leonard Fuornette, Adoree Jackson and Jabrill Peppers that are beginning to change that reality.

Two that stand out are Auburn’s Montravious Adams and Wisconsin’s Corey Clement.

Defense tackle Montavious Adams has surprised many with his interior penetration and ravenous pursuit. If his technique improves and he is able to stay healthy, not only will we hear more about him, so will quarterbacks around the country. They should start preparing now.

Speaking of surprises, Badger running back Corey Clement has been able to contribute and even shine despite his freshman status. Making this feat even more remarkable is that going into the season he was anticipated to be the number 3 back behind more experience and established ball carriers.

We wish much success to all the young men transitioning from high school the college athletics. Fanfare hopes to see even more success stories like Montravious and Corey.

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FANFARE TRIVIA: What is the longest winning streak in college football history?
(Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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Joe Knows Shipping!

Even the finest products with the highest detail and scrutiny are worthless if our customers never receive them.

If you were to ask Joe Gutherie what he does, he would modestly answer, “I’m a shipping clerk.” We know he’s much more.

Joe facilitates the location and preparation of Suntime and LinksWalker products. He fulfills sales orders and packs them safely to get to you. Often, Joe participates as part of the team that assembles our products specifically packaged for brick and mortar retailers.

As longtime team member, Joe has started his tenth year with the company and possesses knowledge of our product line that is one of the most extensive in the building.

For the job you do and the dependability you have proven over the years, we say, “Thanks Joe!"

Joe Gutherie: A team effort goes into our product. Joe gets it to you!

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The Crosshairs divot tool has been created for both comfort and secure finger and thumb placement. The thumb fits comfortably on the handle at a perfect pivot angle to promote the correct forward 'pushing' motion. This creates optimal leverage to repair ball marks properly without damaging the green.

The middle section is the same diameter as a golf ball. By placing the spherical portion of the divot tool on top of a golf ball, it can be utilized to draw lines on the golf ball. This helps with both putting and driving alignment.

The top handle portion has a magnetic front that securely holds a removable ball marker. The magnetic ball marker can be easily removed with one hand by using the thumb and forefinger and placing pressure on the top part of the ball marker. The top part of the tool can be utilized as a club grip prop to keep club grips from getting wet. Push the prongs of the divot tool in the ground and prop the golf club grip on the top of the recessed portion of the divot tool.

The Crosshairs divot tool can also be utilized as a club groove cleaner by placing the prongs of the divot tool inside the grooves of a golf club iron. For more information on this or other golf products call one of our sales representatives at 1-800-659-2824.

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Week 5: Ranked Clashes of Interest

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