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Flying under the radar; a phrase used to describe an entity that does not stand out or avoids drawing attention to one’s self.

In terms of college football, it refers to a team performing well enough to potentially become part of the national championship discussion without much fanfare (pun intended). Since the phrase “BCS Buster” will become extinct due to next season’s first ever BCS playoffs, we will describe these four teams as “Unbeaten and Under the Radar.”

Baylor Bears: Currently crushing FCS opponents, we will know more after October when the real test comes in the form of a ranked Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State final exam.

Fresno State Bulldogs: These guys beat the former “BCS Buster” darlings, Boise State. A Mountain West Conference championship may need to be part of their resume to promote real consideration.

UCLA: In the Pac 12 South driver’s seat now that USC is awful. The Bruins will face a true test with both Stanford and Oregon on the horizon.

Washington: Maybe it’s a “Pac 12 thing” but the Huskies will have to prove there metal against the same Stanford and Oregon hurdles … their test start this Saturday against the Cardinal.

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FANFARE TRIVIA: Who was the only member of the College Football Hall of Fame to receive an Oscar?
(Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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Our classic Competitor Watches can be your customer’s good luck charm and a game day ritual.

College football is a sport that’s known for its historic traditions. Many fans believe they must have a ritual on game day to send good luck vibes. Some fans insist on eating a specific meal before the game, some wear a particular shirt or hat, while others refuse to wash their socks until the season is over. There are so many celebrated traditions that fans around the country follow and on the top of that list is wearing your favorite logo. Wear our classic Competitor Watch; it’s perfect for your customer’s good luck ritual before every game.

The AnoChrome dial option increases the visual impact of any watch with a stunning radial reflection similar to that of the underside of a CD. Perceived value is increased with the AnoChrome's gem-like saturation of team color. Even the emblazoned school logo is enhanced by intertwining with AnoChome's intense luster. Just imagine a watch face this alluring surrounded by the superior quality of a timepiece. At Suntime we combine style, affordability and quality.

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Week 6: Match-Ups We're Sure to Watch

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