Whether 'tis nobler to be #1 or #2 is for another debate but being ranked #2 at the end of the season is a big deal!

Alabama has been constantly ranked #1 throughout the season. With this year's last gasp of the current BCS system, being ranked #2 means you are the only other team to even get a shot at a national championship.

So when last week's #2 ranked team, Florida State, wins 49-17 over NC State but falls to #3, many Seminole fan's wanted to pull their hair out. But that's okay; just the week prior, Oregon Duck fans were pulling their feathers out when the same thing happened to them.

Right now, six of the top seven in the BCS ranked teams are undefeated. What happens if they all finished that way? The good news is that scenario is very unlikely. Heck, Florida State plays Miami this weekend and all the top ten teams have ranked opponents left on the remainder of the schedule.

Needless to say, we are heading for an exciting (perhaps controversial) race to be #1 ... or at least #2.

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FANFARE TRIVIA: Which college player has scored the most touchdowns in a single season?

(Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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Week 10: Ranked Inner-State Rivalries and Border Wars

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