The BCS system has really gone to the dogs! Or perhaps we should say; "has NOT gone to the dogs", especially one Bulldog and one Huskie.

With the Oregon Ducks suffering their first loss of the season, there remains only six unbeaten teams in the BCS Top-25.

Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State and Baylor all reside within the top five. And why wouldn't they for these teams are perfect ... so far. There is not a single loss between the four of them to tarnish their chances of possibly finishing with a #1 or #2 ranking.

But alas, there are two teams out there that also have a zero in their loss column but are ranked much lower. Fresno State at #14 and #15 Northern Illinois are both undefeated. Yet, they reside outside the top ten while six teams who have lost once and three teams who have lost twice are ranked above them.

These are the "Invisible Unbeaten". They are victimized only by their perceivably weak conferences or schedule.

Hopefully, this phenomenon will diminish as next year brings a four-team playoff. Such a system could provide hope for some smaller schools. But, if this season ended today, both the Huskies and Bulldogs would remain invisible.

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FANFARE TRIVIA: Al Brosky of Illinois holds the record for most consecutive games with an interception. How many games was it?

(Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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Customer Spotlight: Rally House

from Rally House

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We enjoy working with Suntime because they have licenses for all major NCAA teams we carry, even some smaller schools. Suntime helps us achieve our goal of bringing the best selection of products to fans where they live, work and cheer, no matter how big or small the school. We want our customers to think of Rally House as the place to go for sports gear for all teams, tastes and budgets.

Suntime is our largest watch provider, and our customers have responded positively to the selection and quality of the Suntime styles we carry. In fact, Suntime watches have become one of our top sellers! One of our top sellers is the Fantom watch. Fans also love watches that feature a team-color watch face. We're proud to offer our customers so many great options to accessorize with their favorite team. As we continue to grow, we look forward to continuing to offer Suntime watches for even more teams - and their fans.

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Week 12: Games We'll be Watching

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