It has been long established that there is no BCS playoff system ... until next year that is. However, there is the week after most teams end their regular season schedules in which several conferences host a "championship game". These games may be the closest thing to a playoff situation.

Many teams have enhanced or destroyed their hopes of competing in the BCS Championship by their performances in such conference title games. So much so, that the Big 12 stopped having a conference championship game altogether.

That said, it is widely accepted that three of this weekend's match-ups will determine the final two BCS schools.

ACC Championship: If Florida State defeats Duke, they are in.

Big 10 Championship: If Ohio State beats Michigan State, they are likely in.

SEC Championship: If Florida State or Ohio State loses and Auburn defeats Missouri, then Auburn is likely in. If both Florida State and Ohio State lose, then ... well, let's just say things get really complicated.

Meanwhile, the Pac-12 will see Stanford and Arizona State face-off while Northern Illinois and Bowling Green vie for the MAC title. Rounding out the slate for this Saturday, will be the Mountain West title game with Utah State against a Fresno State team that just suffered their first loss.

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Week 15: Non-Postseason Ranked Match-Ups!

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