Breakout the brooms 'cause it's a sweep! The Florida Gators are national champions!

While baseball enters Super Regional (their version of the "Sweet 16") the ladies took to the diamond for Game 2 of the Women's College World Series. For Florida, two games would be all they needed.

The Gators beat the Alabama Crimson Tide in the first game 5-0. Needing just one more win for the title, Florida head coach Tim Walton, chose to save ace pitcher Hannah Rogers. Thanks to the efforts of pitchers Lauren Haeger, Delanie Gourley and some timely hitting from Kristi Merritt, the Gators built a 5-2 lead going into the 5th. Coach Walton made a move to seal the deal and brought Rogers in to close.

Hannah's cannon and some flashy defense that included a fabulous diving catch by Merritt, finished the job and won the first ever softball national championship to the University of Florida.

Congratulation to both of our Suntime partners for making it to the finals and for a wonderful season.

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FANFARE TRIVIA: Since the current tournament format started in 1982, UCLA has the most Women’s College World Series championships with 11. Who has the second most?

(Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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Just in Time For Summer……

The FantomSport™ is available with a color-coordinated AnoChrome dial!

Now with more brilliance, your school colors will jump off your wrist when contrasted against the FantomSport's dark gunmetal finish.

All the time-tested features remain. This sophisticated yet boisterous timepiece still possesses a date display, rotating bezel timer, stainless steel band with safety clasp and a scratch-resistant mineral crystal.

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Suntime proudly presents our all-American, all-star college football helmet wall clock!

Designed by our talented graphics team, our unique helmet and field clocks are built in 3D and photo realistically rendered. Painstakingly researched, we have even reproduced the schools' individual end-zone designs and goal posts! Our 3D renders are then carefully combined with a jersey-inspired background, including bold word mark and logo treatments, to create a brilliant and spirited design surpassing anything else on the market!

These 12-inch wall clocks feature a battery-powered quartz-accurate movement. Unlike other, all-plastic wall clocks, you experience superior visibility and durability with our mineral glass crystal. The printed ring on the interior side of the crystal clearly displays the numerals and hour markers, while a school-color-coordinated bezel ring provides the finishing touch. Call 1-800-659-2824 today!


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Our Production Staff is Always on Time

As you know, many areas of an organization operate behind the scenes, but contribute greatly to the development of product.

Wall clock production requires skill and great attention to detail to assure that each clock meets our high standards and quality specifications.

Our customers can rely on Suntime to produce and stand behind our reliable timepieces. We personally manage the production of every wall clock you order.

Clock Assembly: Tim Witherell


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