By this time next week we will all know the teams ranked for the first time ever by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee.

Like everything that's new, there is potential for confusion. Therefore, if you'd like to learn more about the selection committee, just click here. Likewise, if you are curious about the rankings and what they will mean, click here.

Like many, we at FanFare are excited about the prospect of a playoff system! Despite any pros or cons pursuant to the current incarnation, one thing is better without debate. By the end of the season (including conference championship games), there will be two more teams that will still have a shot at a national title. After which, the four teams that qualify for the playoffs can earn the title on the football field and not some poll or computer ranking program!

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FANFARE TRIVIA: Which member of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee has won three college football national titles?
(Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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You can't wear face paint in the boardroom but there is still a way to allow your customers to show off their school colors in classic, professional style!

The ultimate collegiate fan's statement, our Executive AnoChrome timepieces, offers ladies and gentleman a classic, business-appropriate look. Features a gold ion-plated bezel, stainless steel case and date function.

This well-appointed timepiece secures to your wrist with a two-tone solid stainless steel band complete with safety clasp. Contact us today and add this time-tested performer to your inventory.

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In any given year, millions of Americans will buy fine jewelry and watches, and many of them will make more than one purchase. Placing impulse items, such as Suntime Collegiate Watches near your cash registers can be a highly successful sales tactic.

The most comprehensive study of impulse purchases was performed in 2002. According to the study, conducted by Leo J. Shapiro and Associates for Marketing Support Inc. of Chicago, almost one-third of all consumers make a sizable impulse purchase every week. The median purchase was reported to be over $30. Of specific interest to many retailers, the study found that about 25 percent of impulse purchases are made in specialty stores. Another important contributor to successful impulse items is the ability for the customer to have a personal connection to a product. Custom jewelry and personalized items work for this reason. Suntime Collegiate Watches are a perfect example of an impulse product that can add to your bottom line each year.

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Week 8: What We are Watching


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