Life isn't fair. Many could argue that the new College Playoff system isn't either. If you are a Marshall fan then you might be one of them. The Thundering Herd is just one of three teams in the AP Top 25 that are undefeated yet the committee feels 23 teams who have lost (some twice) are ranked above them. Huh?

We at FanFare are excited about the new playoffs but let's face it, it's not perfect. Just like the old BCS format, the new system still employs an "opinion" element. Despite the BCS utilizing a computer formula to calculate the rankings; it still used opinion based polls to do so.

We have to be pragmatic, with 128 FBS schools; they can't all play each other. Extending the season too long is not fair to the student athletes. The committee in place now is made up of some pretty impressive figures. If their combined expertise, armed with a mountain of data, can determine the four best teams (arguably) for a playoff, then it should be better.

There is a good chance that Marshall could finish undefeated and not make the playoffs. We hope this does not dissuade The Herd from celebrating their potential accomplishment.

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FANFARE TRIVIA: This season’s Championship Game will be played in Arlington, Texas. Where will it be played next year?
(Look for the answer in the next issue of the Suntime Fanfare)

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Week 11: Ranked Matchups Heat Up


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